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Have you been searching the Internet trying to find a magician who has the lowest rate?  Is it for your upcoming event which is very special to you?  Is it for your child’s birthday party?  Is it for your company’s sales meeting?  Is it for your club’s banquet?  Could it be for your store’s grand opening? Maybe a wedding rehearsal dinner?  How about that special holiday get-together?  An entertainer such as a magician could fit really well into any of these kinds of events and many more.  As part of an advertising brochure some years ago, I made a list of all the various kinds of events we have performed at, and the list was so long that there was no room for the entire list on the brochure.  All kinds of events and audiences.  Usually we are hired for events which are a special event of some kind for a family or business.  It could be that an individual is being honored in some way or a product is being introduced at a trade show, or something similar.  The event planner desires that the event be memorable and entertaining to the max.

With this in mind I was planning our trip for later this month to Hollywood where we will be guests at the Warner Brothers Movie Studios in Burbank.  The travel itinerary has been put together by me personally.  My decisions regarding flights, hotel, rental car and so on were primarily based on my needs and desires first and secondarily on cost.  Some years ago we had a terrible experience with a rental car which was advertised as a budget-type car rental company.  They were cheap in price, but did we ever pay for that car with awful service and even a smelly car.  We will never forget that experience and will never use that rental car company again.  On the other hand we always rent our cars now from a specific rental company which always treats us like “royalty” and with very smooth dependable service.  Their pricing is higher, but “you get what you pay for”.

Regarding cheap magicians, you will always be able to find an inexpensive performer in any of the arts.  The question you might ask is: “Why is the fee so cheap?”  If you just use your imagination, you will probably answer that question yourself.  On the other hand, if you find a performer who is very expensive, there is a really good reason for that too.  Again, use your imagination.

Personally, I, at Mister Illusion Magic Productions, feel that my rates are competitive, but on the higher end of the Sacramento market.  We provide a quality show which always satisfies and delivers what is expected.  The fact that we are re-booked by clients over and over again is testimony to this.

So, if it is cheap entertainment you are looking for, you can find that somewhere else–but is that what you really want for your event?

Thanks for listening to my rant……may every DAY be MAGIC !

Charlie Fass also known as Mister Illusion



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Author: Mister Illusion

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