How Long Before You Stop?

I was just asked a most interesting question: “If you started right this minute, and performed each magic trick in your repertoire how long would it take for you to run out of material?”  It is funny, but I never really thought about it before.  My primary concern is putting programs together for each performance that I am booked to do.  In the month of April, for example, I have a show tomorrow at a senior center which needs to be 45 minutes long, and needs to have magic which the residents did not see last year when I performed at that center.  On Friday I need to put a special program together for a group of 100 adults and 20 kids ages 3 to 12.  That will require just the right mix of magic to entertain everyone.  On Saturday I am doing a 60 minute magic show over in Fairfield which requires some puppetry.  Easter Sunday finds us at a local church for a presentation which illustrates the Gospel teachings of resurrection.  The Monday after Easter we have a standard children’s birthday party show, but later that week we have a birthday party for a 92 year old lady, and it goes on and on.  Each show is different because each audience is different.  We literally tailor make our magic show to fit the specific audience for which we are performing.

Needless to say, this requires some creativity and thought, but it also requires a large inventory of magic to pick and choose from to make up each specific playlist.  Over the past couple of decades we have developed shows for pre-school audiences, young children audiences, teenage audiences, adult audiences, and senior audiences.  We even have developed shows for audiences which you might designate as special-needs audiences.  Not only do we have one show for each of these categories, but we actually have at least two for each category and in some cases three!

Since our typical show length is about 45 minutes, that means that if I lined all these shows up end to end and performed them one right after the other, the final “extended show” would last 450 minutes or about 7 1/2 hours!  Wow! This is figuring just those props that I have developed, practiced and created a routine.  If I add in all the books, DVDs, notes, downloads, and creations in my prop room, well, I calculate a week or two would go by before I stopped.  Would I ever be tired.

Bottom line, though, is the goal of entertainment.  The last thing I want to do is stand before a group of people and just do “puzzles” for them.  I still want to do the magic, but first and foremost I want to entertain you the audience….and make your day magic! Check us out at

May every DAY be MAGIC

Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion

Mister Illusion Magic Productions


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Author: Mister Illusion

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