How to Hire a Magician for Children’s Birthday

If you are thinking about hiring a magician for an upcoming children’s birthday party, you may be unsure where to begin.  Some have the opinion that all magicians are alike.  This is not the case.  Thinking this would be the same as thinking all artists are alike or all physicians are alike.  Magicians are unique in style, experience, skill and ability to entertain.

Now whether you are looking for a magician for your child’s birthday party or for your company’s awards banquet dinner, the same principles apply for making an intelligent choice.  We suggest following some guidelines to avoid embarrassment or disappointment.

Q:  Where should I start to look?

A: You should begin by deciding on what kind of magician fits your needs.  Some magicians are generalists while others specialize.  By specialization I mean specializing in entertaining children, or specializing in close-up, or perhaps stage illusions.  Some are comedy magicians and others are very mysterious.  Be careful about those whose humor may be “adult oriented” if you are looking to book for a child’s birthday party.  At Mister Illusion Magic Productions we provide entertainment which is good clean family comedy entertainment.

Q: How can I tell how experienced the performer is?

A: Check out the web site the magician has, or better yet, just put the performer’s name into a search engine like Google and see what the results are.  For some magicians you will find very little, for others you will find a wealth of information.  If the performer is a busy professional you will be able to tell very quickly by doing this.  You-tube very often is a great place to see what the performer’s style is like.  You will most likely find some reviews on  the magician while you are searching also.  Try putting “charlie fass” or “mister illusion” into Google and see what we have been doing.

Q:  If I narrow my choice down to two or three magicians, how do I decide?

A:  Go with a magician who has experience and good reviews.  There is nothing better than watching a really good magician perform.  Do not base your choice on price.  the magician charging the lowest price is doing so for a reason.  Spend a little more and book someone who is really good at entertaining.  Like anything else–you get what you pay for.  Go with the best, and the quality performance will be remembered long after the price paid is forgotten.

There is a great deal more we could write regarding this subject, but we will save it for another time.  In the meanwhile, may every day be magic!

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