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I became a full time magician when I retired from a regular job in April of 2008. There are financial rewards for doing magic shows, but there is something more of which you might not be aware.  I received a voice mail from a customer whom I performed a show for recently. The person’s name is Tony and by the sound of his voice, he was all excited. Basically he said, “Thanks so very much for the magic show you did for my daughter’s birthday. It was really cool! Everyone had a great time—adults and children. Yesterday morning my daughter put on a mini magic show for us at the breakfast table using magic trick brochures you passed out. We also saw our young nephew playing with the brochure later that day. I saw your number and had to call to thank you and your wife. You are an inspiration. God bless you.”   The pay we received for that performance was good, but this message was priceless.

I recently walked into the local magic shop near where we live and chatted with the shop owner. While there, a teenager walked over to me, shook my hand and introduced himself. I had no idea who he was. He then told me that eight years ago I did a magic show at his birthday party when he was a “little kid”. Since then he was inspired to pursue magic, and today he is performing magic and making an income doing so.

What we do has a very positive impact on our audiences.  I believe there is a shortage of laughter in the world today–a drought if you will.  My goal is to erase that drought one magic show at a time with my comedy magic shows.  Communication today is so immediate and so “in your face” that there is a need for a some escape and fun.  Young or old, we all need and enjoy family-friendly humor.  This is what we provide in our magic shows, magic  birthday parties, festivals, company events, library shows, school shows, pre-school festivities, or many other venues.  What we do does not end when we conclude our 45 minute or 60 minute magic show.  The “magic” continues for days afterwards in the form of happy memories.  As with the teenager mentioned above, it can also last for years in a very positive way.

May every DAY be MAGIC !

Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion



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Author: Mister Illusion

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