“You Made My Day”

As a professional entertainer and magician I have the distinct honor of bringing laughter and fun to people who I have never met before.  It has taken me quite a few years to get to the point where this feels kind of natural to do.  In my early days things were much different.  Nothing came natural then, but each time I performed for a group of people I was getting a little bit better at the craft than the time before.

I didn’t even know that I was a “comedy magician” until one day following a performance at a church function, one of the audience members came backstage, grabbed my hand and said “my face hurts, my face hurts”.  My first thought was that some kind of accident happened.  I asked this person, “what’s wrong; what happened”.  Her reply will be remembered by me forever.  She said, “I was laughing so hard, my face hurts”.  From then on I knew that comedy magic was my thing.  I heard other comments too like: “Your style of humor is like George Goble”.  Wow, I never realized that.

Eventually when I realized that people were sincere in their comments, I worked toward keeping that style which seemed to be entertaining to so many.  At the same time I did my best to keep my pride in check and be as sincere as possible.  Over the years my style of humor and entertainment has become more refined and natural.

One thing, though, which never becomes boring, routine, or expected is the positive comments I receive at the completion of one of my magic performances as “Mister Illusion” aka Charlie Fass.  Keeping in mind that every audience I perform before is unique. You could actually say that each audience has its own personality.  That range of onality can be quite broad depending on demographics, nationality, education and so on.  I have performed comedy magic in Europe several times, on a cruise ship, and even for a group of Japanese students who spoke no English.  Responses and reactions and personality is universal regardless.

After one of our magic shows I might ask the person who booked me: “How did you enjoy the show”.  The reply is generally positive, but that could be out of courtesy as opposed to sincerity.  For me the real measure of how well “Mister Illusion” did is when an individual comes up to me after a show and says “Thank you–you made my day”, or “I was having a miserable day, but now I feel so much better”.  These are actual comments I have heard from my customers.  One time, following a children’s birthday Magic show for a party of eight-year olds, several of the kids followed me out to my car saying “can we go home with you?”  Another memorable time was following a pre-school day-care show.  I had performed a 45 minute show for three groups of pre-schoolers.  The first two groups applauded at the conclusion of the show, but the last group just stood in silence as I wound the show down.  My thought at that moment was “boy I blew this one”.  Then, suddenly, one child left the group, walked over to me and gave me a big hug.  Immediately after that, each child, one at a time, came up to me and hugged me.  All I can say is that the lump in my throat stayed with me all the way home.  They truly made my day.

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Author: Mister Illusion

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