Corporate Entertainment

Corporate Entertainment

Strolling magic show: Depending on the venue, this can be a wonderful way to present entertainment where Mister Illusion will mingle with the attendees and provide magic and humor.  This gets attendees involved directly with the magic which happens up close and often in their own hands.  Professional attire is worn by the performer along with an identifying name tag.  As an alternative, a small magic table may be set up for close-up magic which may be observed by the audience at a festival, banquet or cocktail hour.

Fundraising show:  A magic show may be used for the purpose of raising funds for school, civic organizations non-profit organizations, and other organizations.  There are ways to create such an event with little or no up front cost.  It then becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

Event Entertainer Charlie Fass

Library shows:  These shows would be customized to illustrate the message desired such as “reading is magic”, or other themes.  Each show is custom designed for these events.

Charlie Fass - Corporate Entertainment & Magic ShowsBlue and Gold Dinners:  A customized magic show is designed for these annual events and solves the entertainment needs for these events.  We have scouting experience ourselves and can tie our magic into any scouting message desired

Day Care Shows:  Over the years we have perfected our day care shows to create a fun time for the audience of all day care ages.  We have developed the talent and capability of entertainment which satisfies for the young ones.  The magic is simple and fun for all—even the staff.

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