Mister Illusion aka Charlie Fass to Present Citizenship Assembly in Modesto School

Mister Illusion aka Charlie Fass to Speak to Shiloh Elementary about Citizenship
On Friday the 20th, Charlie Fass, magician and illusionist from Roseville California will be speaking to
Shiloh Elementary students in Modesto California about good citizenship, positive behavior, and
ROSEVILLE, Calif. – Jan. 13, 2017 – PRLog — Charlie Fass, also known as “Mister Illusion”, has been
performing magic and illusion shows for over two decades at schools, company events, church meetings,
holiday parties, and in-home celebrations. More recently, he has been performing at schools using a format
which actually creates funds for schools. He calls his program a FUN-d raiser because it is fun for
everyone involved and he has done all the work for the school in advance, freeing up teachers, students,
administrators, and parents from the traditional fund raiser headaches.
On Friday, January 20th, Charlie Fass will be performing at the Shiloh Elementary School in Modesto. The
event is to recognize students who have been practicing good citizenship. Charlie’s magic & illusion show
will be more than just entertaining. He will be presenting his magic with a message of good citizenship,
behavior which is positive, and how to be a responsible person.
Using magic to deliver the message is a powerful tool, because everyone’s attention will be on the magic,
and the message will definitely be heard. Since the ages of the students will include those from
kindergarten to the eighth grade, being able to capture the attention of everyone by using magic and illusion
is a unique and very effective method.
Charlie Fass’s business, Mister Illusion Magic Productions, is located in Roseville, California (near
Sacramento) and he is currently scheduling his FUN-d events at schools in that area also. To quote Charlie,
“There is a real ‘shortage’ for laughter in today’s world, and my intention is to correct that shortage, and at
the same time provide income for schools which are very much underfunded today.”
For more information, you can call 916-441-8059 or go to the Mister Illusion website at

Citizenship School Assembly
Shiloh Elementary School,Modesto, California,
Starting on
January 20, 2017
Ending on
January 20, 2017

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