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It does not matter if it is for a child or an adult, a birthday party is something special. The birthday day itself is special and, of course, the birthday person is extra special.  When planning a party there are many things that are done as a matter of course.  A birthday cake, inviting family and friends, getting presents that you know will please and so on.

  • What can you do that is different though?
  • What can you do that will really surprise?
  • What can you do that will really make the day memorable for years to come?

Have you ever thought about hiring a magician to perform at the party? 

Some would think–oh, that is just for kids.  Not so.  Yes, there are magicians who perform for numerous kids birthday parties, but there are just as many who perform for adult birthday parties too.  The performance and humor will be different, but it will still be magic which entertains, and creates happy memories for years to come.

I am a professional full time magician, and I have performed at birthday parties for ages anywhere from 1 year old to 91 year olds.  The party for the 1 year old was actually not appreciated by the 1 year old as much as by the 50 or 60 invited guests, and that was the intention anyway.

Many parties I have done are for the age group of 5 to 12 year olds.  This is the typical birthday party age for children.  At that age, the kids really enjoy the entire scenario.  They really have fun catching the magician making a “mistake”.  A magician who has done this before usually plans his mistakes too and the kids like that even more.  Teenagers usually feel they are too old for a magician at their party. When we do parties for the teenagers, we perform shows which are identical to shows which we do for adults.  This works well for that age group.

Adults of any age enjoy the magic and the mystery especially if combined with humor.  This is what we do–humorous magic.  We take our magic very seriously, but we do not take ourselves too seriously.  The end result is laughter and comedy. The comedy does not have to be “off color” either to be funny.  In my opinion, “off color” humor is a cheap laugh.

Instead we believe in good old fashion humor which is funny–and at nobody’s expense either.  It can be done even if it takes a little more work to do on behalf of the performer.  It doesn’t have to be a birthday party to be a magic show either. It could be a father/daughter dance, a wedding, a New Year’s eve party, a company picnic, a Christmas gathering, a church meeting, or any number of events. Magic can be applied to all kinds of situations and events. I have even used magic to attract customers to a booth at conventions.  I have done magic on the stage, I have done magic in conventions, I have done magic at tables in restaurants, I have done magic on the street, I have done magic close-up and individual, I have done magic on television, and I have done magic in the home. It really is portable.

The big production magic where I have levitated my wife on stage in front of hundreds of people has mystified as much as when I have been two feet away from a spectator and changed a one dollar bill into a $100 bill.  It’s magic, it’s fun, it’s something you should consider for your next event.

Give us a call and we will gladly quote a price for your event.  You can see us right here at MisterIllusion.com for you can go to Youtube and put “Charlie Fass” into the search, or “Mister Illusion” into the search and see a short presentation. My name is Charlie Fass and I am also known as Mister Illusion.  If you do a search for me it is best to spell out the name Mister instead of searching for Mr. Illusion.  Do this and you will find much information and maybe answers to your questions. Note on our website that we have past clients listed such as McDonalds, Clear Channel, and Boeing.

Being full time, we keep pretty busy booking events such as birthday parties for children, but we have recently been booked locally to teach magic for a summer class.  This will involve four weeks of classroom instruction followed by a magic show presented for the students’ parents.  A class like this can be put together for children and for adults also.

Costs can be modest or expensive depending on your needs and desires.  We also are putting together a theater show where we will be selling tickets to an on-stage type production for general audiences.  Again, the options are many.

Contact us and we will be glad to discuss your needs.  If you prefer to call us, we can be reached at 916-441-8059, or 916-771-0885.  Any questions or comments, please ask. Our goal for you is a smile and laughter. Our motto is “may every day be magic–“

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