Must Know Birthday Party Secret Tip #1

I think every parent wants to hear their kid(s) say “that was the most fantastic birthday party EVER!”  Does that mean, though, that you have to spend a great deal of money to achieve this goal?  No, not really.  You would actually be surprised at how little you need to spend to produce a fantastic birthday party that will be remembered forever.  Organizing any event where you get a group of children  together takes a lot of finesse, thought, and time.  Those who make it look easy have mastered the skill of organization plus they have nerves of steel.  For most of us, though, the “tips” we have for you will help your next birthday party go smooth as silk.

Over the next few weeks we will publish our top 14 “Must Know Birthday Party Secret Tips”.  It is not so much that they are actually secret, but most moms and dads are just not aware of how much easier things can go when you have this inside information. So, here we go with tip #1:

Tip #1:  The birthday party you are creating for your child most likely will not be a surprise party, so you really should involve your child in the planning and preparation stage as much as you can.  Some kids will handle this better than others, so use your best judgement.  What this does is gives them a form of “ownership” in the whole party.  They will very likely become even more excited than they would otherwise, plus their memories of the event will be fuller and longer lasting too.  What a great bonding opportunity as well.  They will really be a big help making sure that everything is going to be ready for the big day.

The age of your child is a factor here.  Toddlers will be less of a help, but you should still get them involved too.  Use your best judgement here.  What kind of input can your child give? How about: theme of the party, the menu, the games to be played, the decorations, and the list of guests too.  Kids of all ages can do tasks such as decorations and party favors, and even food preparaton.

If you want detailed information regarding party planning, ask us for our “Party Planner” eBook.  It is 27 pages of useful information that will really help. It has all the tips listed plus many other useful topics such as checklists, invitation information, theme ideas, suggested games and activities, suggested food ideas, party favor ideas, and more.  All this for free from Mister Illusion Magic Productions.

Thanks & may EVERY DAY be MAGIC !

Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion

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