Must Know Birthday Party Secret Tip #2

Some people really dread this part:  The Guest List.  This is where you may have to step in and draw some boundaries.  Younger children are easier–you just compile a list of close friends.  Older children, though, want to invite the whole school or neighborhood.  How many screaming, laughing, shouting, loud, rowdy kids can you handle?  You need to ask yourself that question first.

Give your child a number and a lower is better than a higher one.  You can negotiate from there.  Keep in mind the ages of those invited and how much help you are going to have. For toddlers, an adult should remain with the child at the party.  A good rule of thumb for a toddler party is to take their age and just add one for the number to invite.  For a three year old, for example, the number of guests would be four.  Typically the number of guests we see at most of the parties we perform at is about eight or ten–sometimes 15.

Keep in mind where the party will be housed (home, yard, park, pizza parlor, recreation center, beach, pool, hotel).  Some locations charge by the person, so keep that in mind.

We believe in involving the child in this process, but with your control and final determination.

Next time we will talk about how to time the party in our tip #3

Till then, May EVERY DAY be MAGIC !

Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion


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