Must Know Birthday Party Tip #12

A really great motto is “be prepared”.  I know I feel really good when I am prepared for any situation.  It does not always happen that way, but when it does everything seems so much better.  This tip #12 is about being prepared, and ready with your camera at your disposal at all times–ready to go.  Take as many pictures as possible.  That is how you end up with a select few really good pictures.  Have other adults at the party taking their own pictures as well so you can capture events which you could not capture yourself.  Another really great idea (if the kids are old enough) is to give each child a disposable camera at the very beginning of the party.  Have them take what ever pictures they want.

In tip number 14 we will discuss how to use all these pictures in a way I think you will find useful and a great way to remember the big day.

Barb and I get to go to so many parties for kids birthdays as well as for adults.  What an awesome way to spend our time making new friends and helping to celebrate special occasions.  The magic show we put on as Mister Illusion Magic Productions has evolved over the years into a show which entertains everyone at the party (adults and kids).  Now, the magic show we do for just adults is totally different, but still entertains due to our constant tweaking over the years.

The end result is that we have four completely different adult shows and four completely different kids magic shows.  This is important since we get invited back often, and like to provide new illusions for everyone.

Our shows are adaptable too.  By that I mean that you don’t have to wait for a birthday party to have Mister Illusion Magic Productions perform.  We perform for churches, grand openings, banquets, fund raisers, holiday parties, picnics, and so much more. If you own a restaurant, and business is slow, we can entertain guests as they wait for their dinner and this feature can be used in your advertising to promote your business.  Give us a call at 916-441-8059 or email us at so we can discuss your next event.

May every DAY be MAGIC

Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion

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