Must Know Birthday Party Tip #4 Themes

We have often been asked to perform at children’s birthday parties doing our magic show, but also to incorporate a theme of some kind.  We have done Indiana Jones, Cowboys, Military, Safari, Pirate, Nautical, and others.  This adds to the fun and memories too.

Your party does not need to be a costume party, but having a theme is a good idea.  Our Mister Illusion Kids Birthday Party Planner e-book goes into depth on this subject, but we will just touch on it here (Our birthday party planner is available free to you on our website Http:// as a download).

For a toddler’s party we suggest you observe what the child enjoys playing with and use that to guide you to a theme.  If the child does not seem to have a liking to any one thing, just about any theme will work well in that instance.

Discuss various ideas with the birthday child: amazing race, camping, fiesta, scavenger hunt, bowling, 50’s, beach, pirate, paint ball, retro….or whatever.  Just kinda brainstorm it.  Think about what you would need for decorations, food, cake, games, party favors, and even the location for each theme idea.   Write these ideas down on a board or a pad.  After this, stand back and take a look at the ideas and narrow them down to two or three.  The final decision should take into consideration your budget, simplicity, and which idea seems most exciting.  If you can’t decide, just throw them all into a hat and draw out one.  It will either be a go or no-go.

Our next tip in this series will talk about keeping the kids happy and having organized fun.

Till then, may every DAY be MAGIC!

Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion


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