Must Know Birthday Party Tip #5

It is soooo important to keep the children happy and active in an organized way.  We have been to parties where the kids just run around yelling, crashing into things, and making ear shattering noise.  It need not be that way.  Organized games is the way to go.  During the summer you have more flexibility, but that does not mean that winter is automatically limited.  Contrary to some beliefs, you do not need a lot of preparation.  Do make sure, though, that you have some “backup” options just in case of weather surprises or other situations.  Be prepared for the unexpected and you will not be taken by surprise.  For the sake of planning, figure two games per hour after you plan other events during the party time–like a magic show perhaps.

Our “Kids Birthday Party Planner” goes into great detail in chapter 6 regarding some really great games you can organize.  Some examples are: the toothpick marshmallow tower game, musical chairs, boat race game, the mining game, spoon walk, sock game, and balloon burst.  There are always the old standbys like pin the tail on the donkey, coloring books, and face painting too. 

Our free ebook is waiting for you right now at our web site  It has 27 pages of very useful information to make your birthday party event the best ever.

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