Must Know Birthday Party Tip #7

What to do when your child says “I want everyone to stay for a sleep-over!”  If you hear that question during the party….uh-oh.  Why not set the ground rules regarding sleeping over during the planning stage.  You may be for it or against it, but either way get it “on or off the table” early on.  If you rule it out, your child knows that the party is over when it is over.  You will not be in the mood physically or mentally at the party’s end to discuss this question anyway.  It is possible that your original plan does include a sleepover and if that is the case, get the “rules of the house” understood early.  Yes, that sounds like common sense, but it is easily forgotten during your busy schedule in the days prior.

From what we have experienced, sleepovers are more successful for 10-year olds and older.  This is just a guideline and you have flexibility on this using your judgement regarding the children invited.  Believe me, you will not enjoy being awakened during the wee hours of the morning by a child-guest who wants to go home…or some other sleep depriving event.

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Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion


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