Must Know Birthday Party tip #8

You want to make the day really special for your child, but you can even make it more special by creating an extra bit of kindness between you and the birthday child.  How can you do this?  Consider taking a few special one-on-one moments with the child.  You could make them their favorite breakfast, you give them a special sentimental card, or how about a hand written note (not an email or message) telling them how special they are to you.  I’ll bet not too many parents think about this, but you might be surprised at how powerful this can be in your relationship.

After having performed at literally hundreds of birthday parties as a children’s magician entertainer over the past twenty or so years, we have seen a wide range of relationships between the parents and their children.  There have been some parties where we could not leave the event quick enough.  Fortunately, there have been very few of these. There have also been events where we really did not want to leave because of the sincere warm feelings we experienced.  Making the day special will truly have a long lasting effect on the relationship.  It is really worth the effort.

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Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion


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