Pick a Birthday Party Theme

Do you have to have a theme? YES! If you do not have a theme, you will just have a hodge-podge of decorations , party favors, food, games, and activities.  Is one theme preferable over another theme? Not really, but the birthday child should be excited about the theme which is chosen.

At Mister Illusion Magic Productions, we have various costumes which we have worn in order to be part of the theme created.  We have been “safari” (see photo), we have been “Indiana Jones”, we have been “cowboy” or “western”, we have been “nautical”, we have been “Hawaiian”, we have been “pirates”, and many others.  Having a theme can make everything alot more fun for everyone.  There is no need to go way over your budget to do this either.

Themes are age-sensitive–and this is important.  We have listed some possible theme ideas here for children ages 1 through 11.  We will discuss themes for ages 11 and above at a future date.  For now, though, here are some ideas for you.  You may not find any you like here, but maybe something on our list will trigger a great theme not listed.

Rug rats, bear in the house, outer space or aliens, barnyard, beach, sports, colors, dress-up, NASCAR, pirate, railroad, air plane, animal, safari, tea party, automobile, wild west, sponge Bob, haunted house, horses, ancient history, Pokemon, Paddington, nautical, American Idol, We’ve Got Talent, bugs, camping, dinosaurs, carnival, firefighter, pajama party, princess party, rainbows, surfing city, Wizard of Oz, ethnic, barbie Doll, military, and of course, Harry Potter.

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