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“Mister Illusion and his wonderful assistant (wife) Barb were phenomenal.  They exceeded our expectations…” Xandra S., May 2015

#1 Magic Show for Kids

Show pricing available Right Now

We are sometimes asked why rates for magicians will often be very different when comparing one performer with another.  The answer is that magicians are artists and each one is at his or her own level of expertise. Generally speaking, a lower priced magician is usually relatively new at the profession.  Those whose rates are higher are more experienced at satisfying audiences and demand for their services is such that higher rates are in order.

We at Mister Illusion Magic Productions base our rates on these factors, but we also have a range of pricing which will fit most budgets.  For a kids birthday party our highest rate recently was approximately $875.00.  This was an elaborate show which included many features and events for the party.  Our lowest rate for a kids birthday party recently was $145.00.  This show was entertaining even without many of the extras we are prepared to provide for you.  Typically you will find that our pricing will range from about $270.00 to about $190.00 for our tailor-made program.

We can provide you with an exact quote for your event after we ask you a few basic questions like:

  • Where will the show be held (local or out of town)?
  • Would you like our standard show or upgraded show (where we levitate the birthday child as a finale)
  • Do you want a magic teaching session at the conclusion of the show?
  • Do you want to purchase “Mister Illusion’s Learn Magic Book” for each attendee as a party favor?

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