We Just Booked a Birthday Party for an 80-year-old !

Some think that magic shows are for kids only.  Not so.  We just booked a show in the San Francisco Bay area for an 80 year old gentleman.  It is going to be a surprise party so we cannot give away too much information.  We wanted to post this, though, because it illustrates the fact that we perform magic shows for the young as well as the older birthday celebrations.  In addition, we perform at weddings, anniversaries, and many other kinds of family gatherings.  Over the years we have developed many different play-lists which are audience proven and are guaranteed to satisfy.  Our promise to you is that you owe us nothing at the conclusion of our show if we did not meet your 100% satisfaction.  We enjoy hearing comments like the one we heard at the conclusion of our birthday party show at Mark & Monica’s Pizza Parlor this past Saturday: “Thank you for making my day”.  Now that truly made  day.

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Author: Mister Illusion

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