What is the cost to hire a magician?

If you have never hired a magician for a children’s birthday party or any kind of an event, you most likely have asked this question: “what do magicians charge?”  You can search on the web and try to find an answer, but the results most likely will not give you the answers you want.  If you are fortunate enough to know someone who has hired a magician in the past, you can ask them for their input.  Usually what occurs is that you find yourself searching on-line for web sites and other related information to see if there are any magicians in your area.  You will most likely find several possible prospective magicians and you will quickly go through their information, look at reviews if they have any, and you may watch a video of one of their performances.

If you spend any time doing this, you will quickly see that magicians are as different from each other as are professionals in any occupation: lawyers, dentists, teachers, etc.  Performing magic, you see, is an art form and will be very different from one performer to another.  Some magicians have a great deal of experience while others do not.  Some magicians are able to entertain while performing their magic while others not as well.  We at Mister Illusion Magic Productions have developed our shows over the past 20 years or so and have refined them to the point that we not only entertain the kids at the birthday party, but the adults as well.  We also have enough material that we can come back for a repeat show which is completely different than the previous one.  This is true for our children’s magic shows as well as our shows for adults.

We could go on regarding how to pick a magician, but will do this at a later time since our subject is “how much should I expect to pay for a magic show?” What is the cost to hire a magician?  You will most likely contact several magicians and obtain several quotes.  Pricing should be fairly similar, but you should also have some choices.  At Mister Illusion Magic Productions our pricing starts at $145.00 and goes all the way up into the four digits.  Typically for a kids birthday party show, though, our rates run from $175.00 to $270.00 depending on length of the show and complexity.  One of the add-ons we offer is the levitation of the birthday child as a finale.  This is something which always makes a fantastic impression on all who attend and creates memories for many years afterwards.  We highly recommend it.  We also can add on magic teaching for an additional $70.00.  If you want party favors or a copy of the book we have published (the Mister Illusion Learn Magic Book) we can make that available for all attendees at a discount from the on-line price.

We hope this gives you some idea of what it costs to hire a children’s birthday party magician.  Do yourself a favor, though, do not base your decision on price alone.  Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”.  Check out your magician selection by placing his or her name into a search engine and see what comes up.  This is a great way to help in the process.  You can also watch a video or two to get some input.  Here is an example of one of our videos: http://youtu.be/E9tfZ6r3y5A

After all else we hope you make Every Day Magic

Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion



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Author: Mister Illusion

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