Why You Want to Hire Mister Illusion aka Charlie Fass

You are planning a birthday party or an end of soccer season party and you want some entertainment–specifically a magician.  Why should you chose Mister Illusion aka Charlie Fass in Sacramento, California?  Keep in mind that all magicians are not the same, and many do not have the skill to entertain children. Here are ten reasons to give Mister Illusion a call:

  1. We make your child the star of the show and if it is not a birthday party, we make all the kids feel special.  Our show is about the kids, not about the magician; everyone is an active participant and not just a spectator.
  2. You will get full value at a fee which is in line with your budget.  With over two decades of experience, Mister Illusion knows what entertains a young audience, and entertains the adults present as well.  You will get your money’s worth.
  3. We are all you need for full entertainment. By the time our show is over, everyone will be ready for cake and ice cream.
  4.  Charlie Fass, Mister Illusion, understands children and wins their attention easily.  He knows how to focus their attention, keep them interested, active and happy.
  5. We create a situation where you enjoy this special day too.
  6. You can depend on us…we will be there when we say we will be.  We are full time entertainers (this is our career, and  is not just a sideline), and we are not part-time “weekend warriors”.  Our shows measure up to professional standards.  When you book us, we are the ones who will arrive at your event–not someone else.  We are not an agency with 6 magicians, 2 clowns, and a singing telegram.  Mister Illusion aka Charlie Fass will be there in person.
  7. Mister Illusion has one goal: Help the kids have fun!  We will not require the kids to sit still quietly while we perform.  No, the kids will all be part of the action.
  8. You can reach us right away. Our 916-441-8059 number is message only, but if you want to talk to Charlie Fass right now, give a call on cell phone 916-218-2828 and you will get through right away unless we are in the middle of a show, in a meeting, or in church.  We usually are able to answer right away on the cell phone though.  You can also reach us at our home office number 916-771-0885.  If we are there we will answer, if not, please leave a message.
  9. Charlie Fass, aka Mister Illus
    1. Mister Illusion can help you plan your party.  We have a detailed party planner which is our gift to you just for the asking.  This planner is an e-book which covers all aspects of your party from the planning stage to the actual day itself.  We just need your email and we will send it to you at no cost or obligation.

    ion really likes children– and children, as well as adults, really like Mister Illusion.  Charlie’s wife, Barb, also takes part in the show as magician assistant.   She has many years experience teaching Kids Church (Sunday School), and has also been a Girl Scout leader.  She adds a great deal of fun to each performance too.

Well, there may be some things we have forgotten to list here.  If that is the case, we will add them another time.  We think this gives you a good idea, though, why you should hire us for your next event.  Don’t take our word for it….we can provide names and numbers of our recent clients who will give you their input too.  Just let us know.

We will make your event fun with family entertainment which will create memories which last for a long time.

Give us a call, or send us an email.  We look forward to hearing from you.

…till then, May every DAY be MAGIC

Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion

Mister Illusion Magic Productions




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