Won’t it be CREEPY?

It really never occurred to me until this past weekend that some people have a misconception about magicians.  A very small percentage of people have ever seen a magician in person, much less ever hired one for a birthday party for their child.  We have discussed previously that many believe that all magicians are alike and as a result they do not look beyond the very minimal information for a performer.  What I am addressing here actually goes beyond this basic reality.

After setting up my props and sound system for a child’s birthday party last Saturday, the parent who hired me asked me to wait a little longer to start my show due to a delay in the arrival of some guests.  Since I had no other appointments for the rest of the day, I agreed to wait.  This gave me the opportunity to chat for a while with the father of the birthday child.  We discussed business, magic, the economy, and then I asked him what process he went through which brought him to booking me for the event.

He became very animated at this point and told me about how some performers were quite responsive and others less so.  We talked about the variety of the market and changes over the years.  He then made a comment which made me realize that some people really have a misconception about magic performances.  He said that while doing his searching, his wife said something like: “should we really have a magician for our daughter’s birthday party…won’t it be CREEPY?”   At first I didn’t know how to react, but then I realized what had happened.  His wife had no idea that there were magician performance styles which are very different than Criss Angel’s or David Blaine’s style.  I in no way intend to detract from these performers’ style.  What I am saying is that most moms would prefer an alternative style of magic show for their child.  Once his wife understood that my style was more in line with what she wanted for her five year old, the “creepiness” concern was resolved.

Each magician’s style is unique.  Line up a dozen magicians and ask them each to perform the same magic trick and you will see a dozen completely different presentations.  We at Mister Illusion Magic Productions, in Sacramento, California, have refined our performances so that they are completely family-friendly, very entertaining, and full of laughter & comedy.  This performance style did not happen overnight, though.  It was a process of observing audience reactions to our show and adding or eliminating segments as necessary.  The end result is a very satisfying, entertaining, fun-filled show which we guarantee will satisfy.  Our guarantee at Mister Illusion is: your 100% satisfaction or you owe us nothing! We are your Sacramento magician for all occaisons.

We have three different “A” shows for children and shows also for adult audiences. All our shows are a product of audience tested routines which entertain.  Give us a call and lets discuss your next event’s entertainment.

Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion




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Author: Mister Illusion

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