Why “Mister Illusion”? Why Magic?

Why “Mister Illusion”? Why Magic?

Sometimes we are asked why we are called “Mister Illusion” instead of “Mister Magic.”   “Aren’t you a magician? Is there a difference? Does it matter?”

In the mid 1990s we started our magic entertainment business as a part time avocation. Magic had been a hobby since childhood, but not until invited to use magic to teach the Bible lesson at church, did it become more active. A young child at one of the Sunday School classes asked: “Isn’t God the only one who can really do magic?” That was the day we became “Mister Illusion.”

“You should advertise your show”…people would say. “There is a need for what you do”…we would hear. So, we started to advertise and promote, the word got around and before we knew it, we had a part time business that kept us busy. The part-time business became full time following a lay-off from the day job.

We wondered what the attraction was to our magic performances. It wasn’t long before we came to realize that it was not the magic and illusions we did which attracted people. People want and need escape through entertainment. Daily bombardment of negativity on the job, in the newspapers, on television, from friends & neighbors, all create a desire for escape. Knowing this, our emphasis is always on the entertainment factor. Our goal is to provide escape from the everyday for an hour at one of our shows or a few minutes if we are tableside at Rosati’s Restaurant on a Friday evening.

We know we have achieved our goal when we hear comments like: “Thank you, you made my day”, or “What fun!”, or “More, please, more”, or similar reactions.

Magic? No, just illusions tied to an entertaining presentation. We are so very thankful for having the ability to bring some escape and fun into so many lives of all ages. How rewarding it is to see the positive and delighted reactions from special-needs people, senior citizens, patients, teenagers, children, toddlers, and even people who do not speak English.

Illusions? Yes, that is what we do. When it comes to magic, we feel that every day is magic…..and we hope that every day is magic for you.

Charlie Fass aka Mister Illusion

Mister Illusion Magic Productions




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